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In the forest there is knowledge, ancient histories known for a few. There is strength to fight, a must to survive, but also humbleness to the earth that feeds our lives.

A little collage I made with pieces from Topshop's S/S collection "Rave new world". Moodboard for styling a Afro choreo I made last year.

One unit

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It can make you cry, it can lift you up, it can bring back memories of a certain time and it can make washing yesterdays dishes so much easier.

As a dancer the magic of music lies in making the sounds visual. Making the spirit and feeling go stronger through movements. I don't want to put dance as a sticker on top of something that is already done. I want to blend sounds and movements until you don't know if it's the dancers movements that control the sounds or the opposite. If you are dancing to music, the steps are second priority - make the music come alive through your body. Make it be one.

Red head settles

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New year, new haircolor. So much have happened the last months, so much emotions and drama. Both with work and guys. + Caroline is in Sweden. Now life slowly seems to find it's way to a more undramatic state. Work start feeling a bit fun again after two people in my team decided to organize fashion shows every day next week, and asked me to help. I did the prep today and collected all the pieces that will be shown, it will be an educational twist, so the show consists of the bestselling lines of our store and the company.

It feels a bit boring to have my days off Monday and Tuesday - want to be there and style the outfits! However, I will go to bed early today and take advantage of my two days off for some serious dancing. Time to do some more choreographing and record more stuff.

But now. I just only started seeing the hyped tvshow GIRLS. It's great. Finally something easy and funny that doesn't feel to plastic and fake. The real deal.

Goodnight kisses from the real tired girl in the sofa..