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Yesterday was fun, and I felt it in all my body. So nice to be at a party where you know pratically everyone. Everywhere you turn theres a wellknown face to catch up with, and you dont have to worrie to loose the people you came with. A colleague cut both me and Darren and we were feeling just awesome. Tonight I will just curl up in bed and fall to sleep with Beauty and the Beast as good night story. I've decided December is Disneymonth, so I will re-view as many of the classics as possible. Already seen mulan, snowwhite and the little mermaid.


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Staffparty tonight. Drinks, bowling and kareoke. Just have to get out of my pj and put some effort to it. I'm sure they all are gonna look amaze! I'm gonna cherish (and remember) every moment and hopefully I won't look/feel like this when turning up for work 10.15 tomorrow.

Xmas feelings

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Its time for me to come back to blogging. And this time in English. We are getting all xmas spirited here in the swedish house. Our rivals a few blocks away (another swedish all girl collective) challenged us on xmas tree contest. I think we won by far. Not gonna expose their sad entry but well our contribute with ourselves as decoration. (What could be more beautiful?)  From this little competition we also gained a name on our collective - The canon collective (which in sweden means the fantastic collective, but also refers of us living on cannon street).